Summer Fun in Westminster

16 Jul


Wendy and Oscar grabbed their acoustic weapons and headed to the country of Westminster, Colorado to play a couple of magical sets, eat ice cream, play with the dog and play music with longtime friend / notorious outlaw bar brawling, axe-slinging, whiskey-drinking singer and recording artist, Ryan Chrys (Google the Rough Cuts) and local music machine Bradley Weaver (pedal steel, vocals).
 Oscar was elated to play a full-size vintage Jambai rather than the one his ex-girlfriend/Canadian ice skater loaned for the cause. We suspect it belonged to their friend Whitney Rehr, judging from the glee in Oscars performance as well as wounds from hitting his knee at Wendy’s jokes. Just kidding about the jokes.
The day was captured on Vine, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. We expect Wendy will put some shots on a network near you. Keep abreast for more shows as they develop-honest, we’re working hard at letting you know where W.C. will be playing next.

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