Make Those Weekend Plans-Today!

14 Aug



Before you know it the work week will be over and you’ll be wondering ‘what am I gonna do this weekend?’ Well now is the perfect time to get in touch with some compadres and plan a trip this Saturday between 4pm and 8pm to Highlands Cork and Coffee for an evening of great music. The Wendy Clark Band will be on the Cork’s outdoor patio laying out some fine tunes for a great benefit.

The Cork will be hosting the “Pet Savor Fund” benefit evening with drink specials and BBQ for you to enjoy while listening to live music. This fundraiser is to benefit Highland’s Animal Clinic. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, towels or heating pads for lost and abandoned pets. Money donations are also accepted and we hope you can provide some help to these pets in need.

On hand to provide her dulcet strings with Wendy is Patricia Chavez. Patricia’s skill on the mandolin and violin add a fantastic touch to Clark’s songs so don’t hesitate-send that text message now and get a group together for a great time this Saturday!


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