Last Minute Details on the Cork

16 Aug


One of the many great things about the Wendy Clark Band is the degree of versatility within the circle of musicians that create this fine band.  For those of you familiar with the incredible talent of Jim Ruberto as bassist for WCB, wait until you see him switching over for lead-Rhett Haney will be on bass, Oscar Pop on percussion/vocals and Patricia Chavez on mandolin….need we mention Wendy Clark on guitar and lead vocals?…I think we just did.

Jim Ruberto is one of those artists that wears a bunch of musical hats-sound mixing and engineering, bass guitar, lead-the man is constantly immersed in music playing or production. Make it out to the Cork this Saturday to witness a fantastic musical venue from this group.

A QUICK NOTE: The charity event at the Cork will be from 4pm-8pm, however the Wendy Clark Band will be performing from 4pm-6pm so don’t come too late or all you’ll hear are a bunch of people standing around talking about how great the show was.


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