The Show That Went to the Dogs

20 Aug


Saturday at Highlands Cork and Cafe proved to be a festive time for man, woman and beast alike as the Wendy Clark Band laid down some fantastic sounds to help the Highlands Animal Clinic BBQ event. The show lasted into the early evening hours with patrons enjoying Clark’s original songs, a few cover tunes and some excellent food and drink.  The great thing about the Cork’s shady patio is-it’s dog friendly! The Cork has bowls of water out for the animals and what a turnout….dogs of all shapes and sizes.

We won’t mention who brought the instigator into the pack but at one point toward the end of a set, one dog took it upon himself to show some street cred and got the pack barking and howling…but did this stop Wendy and the band? Hell to the no, they kept jamming right through it and eventually music soothed the savage beast(s). The BBQ included a silent auction and raffle prizes and the donations collected helped the clinic out considerably.

DON’T FEEL LEFT OUT– this coming Saturday, August 24, the Wendy Clark Band featuring Wendy Clark, Rhett Haney, Jim Ruberto and Oscar Pop will be back at the Cork from 4pm-6pm for another great outdoor venue. Wendy has promised to add in some new material too so let’s all enjoy the summer while it’s still here.


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