I See the Writing on the Wall….

23 Aug


…actually the writing was on the flyer hanging in Highland’s Cork and Coffee but the message was clear-the Wendy Clark Band will be back at the Cork for another fantastic show this Saturday, August 24th starting at 4pm. Last weekend’ s show to benefit Highland’s Pet Clinic was a gas and we predict as much fun (if not more) this weekend. You can’t beat the admission price (FREE) so come out and enjoy some food and drink while Wendy and her crew play some fantastic numbers. Highland’s Cork and Coffee have really excellent wines and some claim they have the best iced lattes in Denver.

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A Quick Shout Out…


Wendy promised a quick plug for someone who helps her keep this blog and other things running-her good friend, D.P. Allee, just published a compiled volume of his webcomic series, Space Farmer, which is now available for purchase online, so if there are any geek types out there interested you may want to pick up a copy-or check out the web version here.


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