Neither Rain Nor Shine Nor Dark of Night…

26 Aug


…could keep the Wendy Clark Band from putting on a great show this weekend at Highland’s Cork and Coffee. The patio provides great shade for clients and the scattered bits of rain couldn’t stop the music, thanks to the canopy provided by the Cork-kudos for keeping the band dry, Shawn and company!

BREAKING NEWS FOR SEPT. 5TH – This should prove to be a mind blowing show. Brian Bush (“The Refreshments“) and Jamon Sott (“The Toluenes” will be performing with the Wendy Clark Band at the Toad Tavern. The Toad will be hosting a BANDSTRAVAGANZA, featuring the bands California Celts, the Wendy Clark Band, Black Mountain Breakdown (a Zeppelin tribute band) and Summa. Ticket info will be posted here soon so get ready for a great night of rock!


Everbody’s Talking ‘Bout, Pop Music




…What is that drummy thing percussionist/vocalist Oscar Pop plays for the Wendy Clark band? That form of goblet drum is called a Djembe, which has origins in West Africa. The sound of the drum fits perfect for the acoustic sets the Wendy Clark band has been playing at the Cork but come September 5th the group will be pulling no punches on sound so Oscar is getting a full drum set ready to rock-er, Pop your socks off.



2 Responses to “Neither Rain Nor Shine Nor Dark of Night…”

  1. Walt M August 31, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    Hi! Where is the link to buy Luck & Trouble online? Thanks!

  2. dpallee August 31, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    You can buy the “Luck and Trouble” cd online here

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